Consumers in Hungary stage homeopathic 'overdose'

10:23 campaignConsumer rights activists across Hungary have today announced their intention to take a mass homeopathic 'overdose' next month, as part of a major global protest against the alternative remedies.

Protestors in Budapest, Szeged and Székesfehérvár will swallow entire bottles of homeopathic pills on February 5th 2011, in a bid to raise public awareness of the fact that homeopathic 'remedies' are ineffective - putting pressure on pharmacists and healthcare providers to ensure that products sold as medical treatments actually work. See full press release here...

Sponsors of the 14th European Skeptics Congress

We would like to thank for all of our sponsors of the 14th European Skeptics Congress. Without their help we would not be able to provide the tickets in a reasonable price and maintain the quality of the program:

CSI Budapest Bank TudásMédia Magánszemélyek InforMed Park Könyvkiadó Molcomp Systems Typotex Elektornikus Kiadó


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Registration for the 14th European Skeptics Congress has started

14th European Skeptics CongressThe Hungarian Skeptics Society was chosen by ECSO to host the 14th European Skeptics Congress in Budapest. Registration has started. On the congress pages you can find information about the lecturers, the workshops, registration and the previous European skeptic events. Please check back regularly as we continuously update the data.

The registration fee is very moderate (30 EUR) to facilitate more people to come. This means that we can not cover all our costs from these fees only. If you can allow, please donate on top of the registration fee.

Attila Mesko has passed away

Geophysicist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Attila Mesko has passed away today. He was the 3rd president of Tényeket Tisztelők Társasága (Society of People Thrusting the Evidences) - the first skeptic organization in Hungary. The founding president of TTT was János Szentágothai, famous neurobiologist, he was followed by meteorologist Rudolf Czelnai. TTT was founded (though never officially registered) during the spring of 1992, short after James Randi's visit to Hungary. The Hungarian Skeptic Society is not a legal successor of TTT, but it received many of its traditions.

Skeptics on the 18th Sziget Fesztival

Sziget FesztivalThe Hungarian Skeptics Society takes part in the civil program at the famous Sziget Fesztival. For three days between 13-15 August members of the society and invited guest will provide small lectures, will invite the Sziget visitors for chatting and participating in quizzes. Visit tent 35 at the Civil Sziget (NGO Island) to meet us!

ECSO symposium 2008

ECSO holds its 2008 symposium at Grenoble, France this weekend. Gábor Hraskó had been invited to give a lecture on the history of the skeptics movement in Hungary. An ECSO Board meeting will also be held.

Keep Libel Laws out of Science

Simon Sings, the co-author of the world-renown book "Trick or Treatment" is having The British Chiropractors are attacking him in court for daring to mention that some of their treatments are not evidence based. The Hungarian Skeptic Society signed the statement that supports the campaign against using the court in scientific questions.

First Skeptic Pub

Yesterday we held the first Skeptic Pub event in a restaurant. This is planned to be a more relaxed companion of the Skeptic Club event - with no lecture, but with more discussions and hopefuly more fun. Based on the newly arrived requests we plan the next event for Saturdays. More precise information will follow soon...

Postal address

Due to technical reasons the postal address of the Hungarian Skeptic Society had been changed. Pleas use the following address:
Hungarian Skeptic Society, Budapest Pf. 2. 1580, Hungary

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Goldenblog 2008

The Skeptic Blog had been nominated for the Goldenblog 2008 competition by some of our readers - thanks for it! The blog received the 5th price in the News category among 75 nominees. Since its launch one and a half years ago we published 125 articles on the blog and the number of the comments reached 12 000. Two of the most popular articles had been written by András Szilágyi - vice president of the Skeptic Society. The most popular article had been visited by 10 000 readers.

14th European Skeptics Congress

Due to several other skeptic events organized for September-October this year, the ECSO Board decided to postpone the 14th European Skeptics Congress to 17-19 September, 2010. One of the reasons of this date modification was the introduction of The Amazing Meeting in London on 4-5 October 2009. Other skeptic events for autumn 2009 are the UK-Skeptics conference 2009 and the CICAP 20th Anniversary Conference in Padua.

Skeptic Club - CAM

As part of the Budapest Skeptic Club Gábor Hraskó holds a lecture under the title "Alternative thoughts". The Skeptic Society published its manifesto on alternative medicine ten months ago. Alternative, natural, complementer, holistic - or as it is called by the official regulation - non conventional therapies. What is the common in these practices? Why do skeptics criticise them? Should they? How? What is the legal and social position of these practices in Hungary?